Child Abuse
Child Abuse & Neglect Reporting Requirements
All child care personnel are mandated by law to report their suspicions of child abuse, neglect or abandonment to the Florida Abuse Hotline in accordance with s. 39.201 of the Florida stautes (F.S.)
Reports must be made immediately to the Florida Abuse Hotline Information System by
Phone: 1-800-96-ABUSE ( 1-800-962-2873)
Fax: 1-800-914-0004
Reporting Misconduct

The following is the policy and procedure for reporting misconduct by our instructional personnel or school administrator which affects the health, safety or welfare of a student. All incidents of miosconduct by teachers should be reported immediately to the School Administrator. Incidents of misconduct involving the School Administrator should be reported to the Director of Operations. Should the incident be a violation of the School's child abuse policy the person will be reported to the Abuse Hotline 1-800-96-ABUSE
Note: Misconduct is considered to be use of obscene language, testing violations, sexual innuendo, prejudice, physical aggression, belittling comments, accepting and offering favors and drug/alcohol use.